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Workforce Resolutions - Organisation Reviews

Workforce Resolutions undertakes organisational reviews with a view to enhancing and/or developing and implementing strategies to build organisational performance, efficiency and effectiveness.

Research shows that successful organisations manage people (employees) well. Such organisations understand the unique value of an employee (human capital) as someone who contributes to organisational growth and overall production. These organisations build structures and operational environments that build social capital, which is the collective relationships and consequential knowledge that employees bring to an organisation. Together human and social capital can build positive organisational culture, commitment and trust, which results in enhanced productivity and performance outcomes. Conversely, research shows that poor organisational culture is a primary factor in reducing productivity and overall organisational performance. Poor organisational culture is marked by low moral, workplace disputes/conflict, increased absenteeism, lack of employee commitment and high staff turn over.

In undertaking a workplace review, Workforce Resolutions will: